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Is your skin in need of some rejuvenation?

A facial can be a lovely way to restore your skin and with lower UV rays to damage treated skin, Winter is a great time to treat yourself. You can expect that it will rehydrate and brighten; unclog pores and invigorate your complexion. And best of all, a facial can be the perfect time of relaxation and escape. As you will most probably know, Nimue is our preferred skincare at Ahuriri Beauty Therapy and the products we use in our facials. We love that it was developed by a plastic surgeon and that the research and innovation that has gone into each product, means that they deliver results. If you have a skin concern to address or just looking for...

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NEW Bronsun Hybrid Dye

I've been using the new Bronsun Hybrid Dye for a couple of months and am loving the results! The dye is highly pigmented and tints both the skin and hair for a graphic and intense result. The ammonia free formula is guaranteed to have a gentle effect on the hair while still lasting up to 7 days on the skin and up to 7 weeks on the hair. So although a little more costly initially, this tint saves time and money in the long run.Pop in and see me to check if it is right for you. See you soon,Aaliyah x

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💕A little love for your feet 💕with a pedicure from Ahuriri Beauty Therapy

Whether you are hanging onto the last of the summer sunshine or getting ready to swap out your wardrobe for warmer clothes and closed in shoes, a pedicure is a great idea at this time of year. Summer footwear and days barefoot can leave our feet with cracked heels and rough skin so some exfoliating and soaking does them wonders, and the addition of colour just adds a little sparkle!A pedicure has other benefits as well, regular foot care prevents nails growing inward and causing infection, and keeps the skin healthy. Massage adds moisture to your skin and promotes good blood and lymph flow, while exfoliating removes dead skin cells to stop them building up, encouraging new cell growth. Spending time relaxing helps...

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