A deeper look into Nimue skincare

As you will most probably know, Nimue is our preferred skincare at Ahuriri Beauty Therapy and the products we use in our facials. We love that it was developed by a plastic surgeon and that the research and innovation that has gone into each product, means that they deliver results.

If you choose to use the range, the journey begins with a Nimue skin consultation to determine your skin type and any concerns you want to address. Only home care products are used initially for 4-6 weeks, to optimise skin health and renewal. Actives are then added in for 2-4 weeks to accelerate skin rejuvenation and finally, professional treatments included to enhance results.

In this advanced phase, you can expect a further 50% improvement in skin condition. The treatments used are from the Signature Facials range, tailored to your skin type and concerns by our therapist. They all share the same process, your skin is prepped with a Nimue cleanser and conditioner, then gently exfoliated with enzymes. Specialised peels or treatments are used at this point, followed by a soothing, hydrating mask. Once the mask is removed, barrier repair and finishing products are applied, to leave your skin looking clear and hydrated. 

One such Signature Facial is the "Smart Resurfacer", a remodelling peel. To provide the same benefits as a medium depth water-based peel, but without negative side effects, Nimue has designed this oil-based peel. Being waterless, it creates less heat and irritation than other peels, reducing side effects and healing time. It is ideal for people with:

  • Rough, uneven texture
  • Deep lines, glycation, and elastosis
  • Skin with milia and deep congestion
  • Poor circulation or poor healing
  • Skin with hyperpigmentation

It contains the active ingredients, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Pyruvic Acid, Salicylic Acid and Isostearyl Isostearate to leave the skin with a smoother texture and improved radiance. Pore size, congestion, pigmentation and fine lines are reduced. Overall, the skin texture is refined and elasticity, radiance and vitality are improved.

If you have skin concerns you would like to address, we would love to help you. Either book a skin consultation or email on beauty@ahuriripharmacy.co.nz so we can be in touch.

See you soon,
Aaliyah x

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