Top Tips For Gorgeous Nails

Having your nails done is such a lovely treat and many of you have enjoyed a OPI Gel Manicure since we started offering them in September. If you haven't discovered gel polish for yourself yet, gel polish looks natural and stays flawless and glossy for two to three weeks.

As part of the manicure, I'll do a nail shape cuticle tidy before the gel polish is applied. This will help to keep the polish looking gorgeous for longer. Other things you can do at home are:

  • Choose lighter colours in polish.
  • Apply a clear top coat every two to three days, making sure you coat the exposed end of the nail too to seal it.
  • Keep your nails clean, choosing to wash with mild soap rather than hand sanitisers.
  • Apply a cuticle oil to moisturise the cuticles, skin around the nail and even under the nail.
  • File your nails if they start chipping and apply another top coat.
  • Wear gloves when doing the dishes.
Michal x

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