Nimue Facial Treatments

Nimue Facial Treatments

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At Ahuriri Beauty Therapy, we offer Nimue skincare products for our facials. Nimue’s innovative products are results-orientated to improve the condition of your skin. This is achieved best through a combination of the home and in-salon treatments. 
Your journey begins with a complimentary skin assessment with our trained therapist to tailor your skincare routine to your skin type and discuss any skin concerns you would like to see corrected. Product samples can be provided and as well as in-salon treatments. After 4-6 weeks in the initial phase, you can expect 30% improvement in the condition of your skin.

The Advanced Phase introduces actives into your journey for a further 20% improvement in skin condition. This phase lasts 2-4 weeks. Complete the program with a series of advanced or specialised treatments, as appropriate for your skin goals. Expect a further 50% improvement in skin condition.  

Initial treatments
Complimentary Skin Consultation 
$0 | 15min
Nimue Taster Facial
$60 | 30min
Discover what Nimue skincare has to offer with a skin analysis and 30 minute facial to replenish the skin. Suitable for all skin types.
Nimue Therapeutic Facial
$120 | 60min
Enjoy a full Nimue facial with the benefits of massage, for revived and refreshed skin. Suitable for all skin types.
Nimue Radiance Facial
$120 | 45min
A potent, yet gentle treatment delivering refined texture, pore size, elasticity and vitality providing a more radiant, smoother texture to your skin. Not recommended for sensitive skin types.

Advanced treatments
Nimue Signature Facials
$140 | 45min
Advanced treatments are suited to Nimue at-home skincare users. The ideal treatment facial will be chosen with our therapist for your skin type and concerns.

Specialised treatments
Nimue Dermaplaning
$120 | 45min
Dermaplaning is combined with a Nimue facial to revitalise the surface layers of the skin and remove the downy hair of the face. It is a non-invasive treatment to slough off the outermost layer of skin cells, leaving the skin smooth and supple. The treatment can be repeated regularly or not if preferred as the hair remains fine when it regrows.
Nimue Nano Glow

$200 | 60min
Get ready to shine! The treatment that combines the power of peeling and nano needling, all wrapped up in a non-invasive, painless package. Reveal your glowing, smooth complexion with absolutely no downtime. Suitable for all skin types.

Nimue Collagen Induction Dermapen
$200 | 50min
A specialised rejuvenation treatment indicated for sun damaged skin, lines and wrinkles, uneven texture, superficial acne scarring and to restore volume, elasticity, tightness and plumpness. Not indicated for active acne skins. A micro-needling dermapen of very fine titanium needles is gently moved over the skin to create tiny channels that allow specialised solutions to enter the skin. 

What to expect in your treatments

All Nimue facials are conducted in our private beauty room. Your therapist will step out for a moment, allowing you to disrobe (to your comfort level) and lay on the beauty therapy bed. During your facial, your therapist will only uncover your face and decolletage area. She will then assess your skin type and discuss any concerns you have. In the treatment, your skin will be double cleansed; conditioned with gauze and a steamer applied to the face for 5-10 minutes. If you have chosen a peel facial, the chosen skin resurfacer is applied for the appropriate time. You may feel some tingling. The peel is then neutralised and the chosen mask applied. Lovely hot towels are used to remove the mask; an aftercare hydrator applied, followed by sunscreen and lip balm. When your facial is complete, the therapist will leave the room to get you a glass of water, then will wait outside while you dress, taking your time not to rush.

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