Top tips for waxing and tanning to get your body Summer ready

As we start to think about breaking out the skirts and shorts, our hair removal and tanning treatments become very popular. So you get the best from the treatments, we've put together 8 tips ...

For best results when waxing:

  1. Exfoliate the skin a day or two before 
  2. Come to the appointment with no products on your skin and 
  3. Keep your skin hydrated and exfoliated afterwards to avoid ingrown hairs.

For best results when tanning:

  1. Exfoliate with a glove the day before, paying extra attention to the knees, elbows, decolletage and any other dry areas
  2. Have at least a 24 hour gap after hair removal before tanning
  3. Come to the appointment with clean, dry skin with no moisturisers, perfumes or deodorants on
  4. Keep your skin moisturised in the days following a tan to keep the skin hydrated and
  5. We recommend a moisturising gradual tanner to keep and build the tan.

See you soon,
Amber x

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