Tips to getting the perfect manicure ...

Happy New Year! I trust you've had a lovely festive season with friends and family. The fun doesn't stop here though with long Summer days and many events and concerts on in the area. Feel fabulous by treating yourself to a mani or pedicure.

If you like to DIY, we've got gorgeous Summery nail colours just in from OPI and to get the perfect mani at home, try these tips:

  1. Remove any existing lacquer with remover and wash your hands with soap and warm water to start.
  2. Tidy up cuticles with an exfoliating cream, trim and push them back.
  3. Shape the nail with clippers or a nail file, taking care to file in one direction to prevent breaks.
  4. Buff the surface of the nails to make it nice and smooth.
  5. Apply a base coat to protect your nails before the colour and finish with a top coat.

Or, treat yourself to an Express manicure and we'll do the work for you! Make it last by opting for gel polish and you'll have flawless, glossy nails for up to 3 weeks. Joy! 

I'll look forward to seeing you soon,
Amber x

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