Skin changes in menopause

Recently, Nimue skincare held a masterclass on menopause and the effect that it has on the body and skin. The ladies in the pharmacy and I were really interested, so we thought we'd share some of our new knowledge with you.

Estrogen is protective on the skin and maintains hydration, blood flow and epidermal thickness; increases collagen production and regulates skin pigmentation and hair growth. As levels drop during menopause, we can start to see fine lines develop, hyperpigmentation, changes to the thickness of the skin and loss of elasticity. 

When changes to the skin occur, your skin prescription may also need to alter. Actives used in your Nimue skincare can help to support the microbiome, increase oils for dryness, inhibit pigments and stimulate collagen production. Take home products that may be useful include:

Nimue Multi Rejuvenating serum - contains palmitoyl tripeptide 3 and vitamin C to stimulate collagen production and lighten pigmentation, while also brightening, hydrating and firming.

Hyaluronic oil - the ultimate hydrator, leaving the skin moisturised, comforted, smoother and more elastic. 

Supplements may also be useful to support the body. Pre and probiotics, essential fatty acids and a good multivitamin with magnesium and calcium sit well alongside your skincare regime. You may like to swap caffeine for cacao and add in anti-inflammatory foods such as turmeric to your diet.

If you are already using Nimue and feel you need a review or if you would like to see if the range is right for you, I invite you to spend 15-minutes with me to assess your skin type and address concerns you may have. This is a complimentary service an can be booked as a skin consultation.

See you soon,
Aaliyah x

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