Relaxing and pampering treatments for the New Year

Wishing you a very happy New Year and may 2023 bring you much joy, love and peace in your life. To wind down from the festive rush and start the year on a great note, many of you have been enjoying our spa packages and massages for a little time out. 

A massage at Ahuriri Beauty Therapy is tailored to what you are needing. Choose the area to be worked on (scalp, neck, shoulders, back, hand, foot or lower leg) and then discuss with me how you are feeling, how much pain you are in or if the massage is purely for relaxation. Kalahari body care products are used, a beautiful range created with nature’s pure ingredients and the delicate aromas and textures of the Kalahari Desert.

Make your massage even more of an indulgence with a choice of add-on options. Hot stones can be applied to warm the muscles, relieve muscle tension and reduce stress. Alternatively, get a taste of Africa with a calabash massage. Authentic sun-baked wooden calabashes are used as an extension of the hands for a deeper massage. Exfoliation, extractions and/or a mask can be added to a back treatment. Exfoliation is great for relaxation, to prepare for a spray tan or for congested skin. Extractions further remove congestion and black heads that are unreachable and the back mask brings it all together for further relaxation, hydration or to calm the skin after extractions.

Why not mix and match add ons for a customisable relaxing massage or back facial? Simply click the button below to book yourself a treat of gorgeous pampering and recharging, I think that is just what we all need a little of!

Aaliyah x

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