Let's get into a bit of beauty Spring cleaning!

Spring Clean week: October 10-15

It is a bit sad I know, but I love a good clean out to feel cleansed and fresh. Most of us keep our cosmetics way longer than the manufacturers recommend so we're inviting you to Spring clean your make-up bag and then pop in store for a free make-up consultation with our beauty therapist, Amber. Or, if you are short of time, pop in at your convenience and see one of the ladies in the pharmacy. Use the 20 minute consultation to try a new Spring look, check the colour of your foundation or test what's new on the market.

If you find any items that you don't need, please pop them in to us and we'll send what we can on to the Women's Refuge in Napier. And, if you are needing a top-up, you can save 20% off the normal price of ALL cosmetics for the week. So take a minute now to book your appointment and we'll look forward to cleansing with you.
Andrea x

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