It's Art Deco time again!

It's Art Deco time again, so I thought we might look at how to get that glam Art Deco look.


1920s Ladies would use light face powders in colors like ivory or cream, so start with your foundation and concealer, followed by a lighter shade of powder. You can go quite heavy for this look.


Should be quite dark, to get this look line the whole eye with black liner and soften the lines with a smudger, eyelid shadow should be gray, but greens and turquoise can look good too. Finish with lots of Black Mascara. The Brows need to be emphasized and downward sloping using a black or brown liner.


Go pink and rosy and generous with the blush. You might like to finish the look with a bold black beauty spot on the cheek or above the top lip to the side.


Choose deep reds or plums applied in a cupids bow to the upper lip and an exaggerated lower lip. Do this with lip liner then fill in with lipstick.


Lots of beads or pearls, think glitz and glam, sleek hair, fur and gloves.

Enjoy the weekend and have fun experimenting with this new look! Who doesn't enjoy getting a little glam now and then?

Michal x

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