Kalahari Body Treatments

Kalahari Body Treatments

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Kalahari body care products restore, nourish and protect your skin. Inspired by Africa and its people, this exclusive collection is for body and soul. 
Created with nature’s pure ingredients, experience the delicate aromas and textures from the Kalahari Desert in Africa. These beauty therapies will captivate your imagination while nourishing your body and mind.
Kalahari Botanical Buffet
$59.00 | 15 min
Combine the delicate aromas and textures from the Kalahari Desert in Africa in a personalised, luxurious scrub to take home. Price includes a $10.00 treatment voucher.

Rolling Sands Full Body Massage
$120 | 60min
Botanical oils in combination with unique massage movements not only enhance skin tone but relieve muscle tension for a complete relaxation experience.

Khoi-Khoi Escape Back and Neck Massage
$60 | 30min
The Kalahari message stones deliver a distinct deep pressure back and neck massage which will leave you feeling relaxed and de-stressed.

Calabash Foot Treatment
$60 | 30min
Sink into deep relaxation with this Kalahari signature foot treatment that soothes tired, aching feet with authentic, sun-baked Kalahari calabashes and indulgent aromatic fragrances.

Desert Glow Exfoliation
$120 | 45min
Unveil lustrously smooth skin with a personalised exfoliation medium and a hydrating blend of nourishing botanical oils. Buff away dry dull skin to reveal your unique desert glow.

Cocoon Wrap
$120 | 45min
Refresh the skin with Kalahari’s exfoliating, botanical clay mask, rich in antioxidants and infused with red bush tea extracts. Soft apricot kernels enhance gentle exfoliation and stimulate blood circulation.

What to expect in your treatment

All body treatments are conducted in our private beauty room. You will have the opportunity to discuss with the therapist any concerns you have prior to the treatment. The therapist will then advise you on how to lay on the bed either face up or face down and remember, your comfort matters. Your therapist will step out for a moment, allowing you to disrobe (to your comfort level and depending on the treatment chosen) and lay onto a table underneath the top sheet and blanket. During your treatment, your therapist will only uncover the areas of your body they’re working on.  For massages, it is important to relax your mind and muscles; breathe normally and try not to tighten or contract your muscles. When your treatment is complete, the therapist will leave the room to get a glass of water then will wait outside while you dress, taking your time not to rush.