What I've learned from 2020 ...

Despite the chaos of 2020, it taught me a couple of things. Firstly, it taught me self care. That I must look after myself before I can look after others. That I owe myself time, love, kindness and care. Then I can give to others. 

What does your self care look like? A walk by the sea, meditation, eating well, having a bubble bath, a treatment, an hour in the sunshine, a chocolate treat, having lunch with a friend or taking a nap? Whatever yours is, self-care pays off, it can boost self-esteem, give purpose and improve efficiency at work. 

2020 also taught me the importance of kindness. Kindness to myself, kindness to loved ones and kindness to complete strangers. How about you, what did you learn? 

This month we're spreading a little kindness your way - take some time out with a therapeutic massage and receive an upgrade. Enjoy 50% more time when you book a 30 minute massage, for the same price. Relax away those aches and knots just a little bit more.

Here's to 2021. See you soon,
Amber x

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