Make-up free in 12 weeks?

I am very happy to be back from maternity leave and it is great to see you all again. Some exciting things happened while I was away, especially that we introduced Nimue skin care. I have worked with Nimue before and LOVED it. Nimue helped me with my problematic and congested skin and I am thrilled to be working with it again and focusing time on it.
I have an amazing offer to share with you ...

Nimue skin care has been delivering results for many of us and now they have launched an amazing offer. Inspired by the #nomakeup trend, Nimue have created a program to help women achieve the skin care results they desire and feel confident enough to not have to wear foundation every day.

Sound amazing? Let me explain a bit about it ....

The 12-week challenge is sold as a kit for your skin type. It contains full sized products to last at least 12 weeks and includes TDS homecare products which are normally only available in professional facial treatments. You will receive four treatments over the program scheduled 3-weekly to maximise results.

The package is an investment, but when purchased as part of the challenge represents a saving between 25% and 32% (depending on your skin type) for all your skincare and facial treatments for three months. If you would like to invest in the program, payment options are available, splitting the cost over six weekly payments.

Read more information on how you can achieve flawless skin in 12 weeks here or pop in store and have a chat with me to see if your skin would benefit from the program.

And ... (I've saved the best till last) we have a chance for you to win yourself a 12-week challenge kit plus extras! Enter the draw at our good friends at The Style Lounge, Baz*ar the Empire or Ahuriri Pharmacy. This amazing prize is valued at over $1500 and includes a Nimue challenge kit, an Angel shampoo and conditioner pack and a $50.00 voucher to splurge at Baz*ar.

Amber x

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