Brows in the beauty spotlight

With brows firmly in the beauty spotlight at the moment (and because I love shaping a beautiful brow!) here's some at-home tips and a great offer for you. Enjoy a brow shape and a relaxing 10-min scalp massage for only $20.00. 

Whatever look you want, there is a product to help you achieve it. The Brow Artist range from L'Oreal Paris includes Brow Artist Sculpt which I love - use the colour to define and shape the brow and the brush to style. Choose the shade of your hair or one shade lighter.

When defining, start the brow at the upper bridge of your nose, arching three quarters of the way along. Follow the natural arch and taper the tail from there to follow the angle of the eye. Then use wispy strokes with a brow pencil to fill in any little gaps.

 See you soon,
 Beauty Therapist

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