Are you taking time out for yourself?

With many of our lives being high pressure environments with long hours at work and an expectation to always be productive, we can lose the time we take for ourselves. Self care is not selfish, rather, it can help to reset yourself to be happier, healthier and have improved energy levels. Studies have shown that including self care in our routine can reduce anxiety, depression, stress, frustration and anger and increase wellbeing. 

Your self care may be taking a walk, exercising, reading, a long soak in the bath or a treatment. Whatever suits you, we also recommend:

  1. Getting enough sleep,
  2. Eating well to fuel your brain and body,
  3. Getting some fresh air by going for a walk or just sit outside in the sun.

We're also loving the At Home facials from Nimue Skincare as a beautiful way to while away an hour to yourself. You can order online and have it delivered straight to your door. The kit includes the products you need for one facial as well as easy to follow instructions. Choose from a rejuvenating, purifying or super hydrating mask.

Take care,
Aaliyah x

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