5 top tips for the merry season ...


Stay looking and feeling fabulous with my 5 top tips for the season:

#1 One or the other

Choose either your eyes or your lips to be the statement. Red lippy is a favourite this time of year, so then go light with the eyes. Think champagne and nudes. If eyes are your best feature make them pop with golds and browns and go light on the lips.

#2 'Tis the season to eat and drink

And that red lippy won't hold on for ever. Remember to keep hydrated the day of your Christmas do to keeps lips nice and supple. Try a lip primer, lip liner and a good hold lipstick like our Maxfactor lipfinity for long lasting colour.

#3 Add a little tan

Is your Winter foundation now too light? Bronzer is your best friend. Add a little bronzer to the places the sun naturally hits your face - your forehead, nose and cheek bones.

#4 Hot summer nights

Sweating away your masterpiece? A few simple steps can make your foundation wear longer. Make sure you are well hydrated and prep your skin with your favourite moisturiser. A primer makes a HUGE difference in how you foundation looks, sets and lasts. Try a make-up setting spray after application to keep your make-up looking just as good as when you first applied it.

#5 Party girl

The season when your nights a packed with functions can leave you feeling a little tired. Make-up is great camouflage and adding a little highlight in the right places brightens up your whole face and opens up those tired eyes. I have added a simple photo for you to follow:

Amber x

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