2 pieces of news to share ...

I have two pieces of news to share with you ... firstly, for the month of June, I am excited to be able to treat you to a complimentary eye trio with every facial booked! 

The cold air, harsh wind, heating and extreme weather conditions of Winter can dry the skin out. It’s basically a recipe for our skin to protest. A facial is a great treat to yourself to help restore moisture, reset your skin, remove dead cells and get a deep peel without the risk of UV exposure. 

You can also take a quick look at your diet and see if it is lovely and healthy and rich in omega-3s (in salmon, sardines and chia seeds). Regular moisturising, using lukewarm water in the shower and avoiding soaps also helps maintain our skin through Winter. If you suffer from dermatitis or eczema, have a read of a previous beauty tips here on the topic.

My second piece of news is that the beauty room is right in the middle of it's own make-over and will soon be looking very inviting for you to visit. Watch this space for photos!

See you soon,
Amber x

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